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The CUCD EDI Committee

Members of the CUCD EDI Committee 2020-present:

Dr Elena Giusti (co-chair)
Dr Victoria Leonard (co-chair)

Dr Ellen Adams

Dr Rosa Andújar

Professor Jennifer Ingleheart

Dr Zena Kamash

Dr Talitha Kearey

Dr Cora-Beth Fraser

Dr Katherine McDonald

Dr Alexia Petsalis-Diomidis

Dr Henry Stead

Professor Tim Whitmarsh

Dr Eris Williams-Reed

Professor Isabel Ruffell

Anastacia Holding (EDI Officer for the Classical Association)

Jasmine Rendell (EDI Officer for the Classical Association)

Former Members

Ashley Chhibber

Dr Ross Clare

The image featured on these pages is a marble relief fragment of the head of Medea, dating from 1st-2nd centuries CE. It is a copy of a Greek marble relief of ca. 420–410 B.C. It is currently held by the MET, and is in the public domain. For further information, see here

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